Gamuda is Malaysia’s leading tunnelling expert with extensive know-how in advanced tunnelling technology and techniques.

We have proven that tunnels are not mere single-function structures; but can be innovatively designed to perform multiple roles concurrently. Bearing testament to this is our international award-winning Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) project – the world’s first dual-purpose tunnel that addresses flood and traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur city centre.

Our cumulative experience as an infrastructure developer enables us the capacity to engage in all types of tunnelling works, in all ground conditions, namely:

Karstic Limestone and Mixed Soil Tunnelling

We have tunnelled in Karstic Limestone, specifically Tropical Karstic Limestone, which is extremely challenging due to its geological formation that consists of unpredictable cavities, cliffs, overhand and loose alluvium.

We are among the few tunnellers in the world with hands-on experience in Tropical Karstic Limestone having bored 9.5km underneath Kuala Lumpur’s busy highways using large-diameter Slurry Mixshield Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) for the SMART project.

The TBMs are designed to create a pressure shield made up of bentonite and air pressure that are able to counter-balance the pressure from ground water and loose soil, while drastically reduce the possibility of sinkholes. We currently hold the world record in large-diameter TBMs after accomplishing the feat of completing 12 rings in one day.

Soft Ground Tunnelling

We have tunnelled a section of the 43km Kaohsiung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit System for Package CO4 under Kaohsiung’s soft ground conditions.

Tunnelling under live traffic and the heavily populated city using state-of-the-art Earth Pressure Balanced and Articulated TBMS, we built two parallel underground tunnels 3.86km long, as well as the two-level Fengshan Junior High School and the four-level Dadung station located at the deepest section of the alignment.

Hard Rock Tunnelling (Drill and Blast)

In Malaysia, we built a 480m-long diversion tunnel for the Sungai Selangor Dam by tunnelling through solid granite using the controlled drilling and blasting technique.

Our experience in hard rock tunnelling was further extended to the Penchala Tunnel of the SPRINT Highway where we bored a 720m twin-tunnel through a hill for a six-lane dual carriageway, using a combination of boring and “drill and blast” methods to preserve the surrounding environmental.

We have also adopted the modern micro tunnelling method for complex ground conditions in the Electrified Double Track Project (Ipoh – Padang Besar), where we bored a length of 3.3km for the Bukit Berapit Twin Tunnels and 330m for the Bukit Larut Tunnel.