Kaohsiung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT)
Taiwan (2002 - 2008)

The 43km Kaohsiung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) proved Gamuda’s mettle by winning an environmental award from the Government of Taiwan. The picture shows a station at the 3.86km Orange which has been servicing the public since 2008.

Gamuda successfully penetrated the Taiwanese construction with our successful bid for the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Mass Rapid Transit Package CO4 (KMRT) project in 2002, one of 11 civil works packages along its 43km alignment.

The project involved the construction of two parallel underground tunnels of 3.86km long and two underground stations, the two-storey Fengshan Junior High School and a four-level Dadung station, located at the deepest section of the entire KMRT line at 28.3m underneath road level.

Construction of the MRT track involved the building of two parallel underground tunnels for a length of 3.86km and four “cut and cover” tunnels, bringing the total track alignment for the project to 4.8km.

Great environmental and safety considerations were given to the soft and wet ground condition of the work site, aggravated at times by earthquake.

Gamuda's stringent approach to environmental concerns, quality control and project management won us the “Air Quality Protection Award” and the “National Environmental Protection Outstanding Award” from the Government of Taiwan.

Nominated among many high profile construction sites in the Kaohsiung County, the awards for KMRT bear testament to Gamuda's relentless commitment to environmental sustainability and superior project management competency.


Client Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation, Taiwan
Turnkey Contractor New Asia Development Corp-Gamuda Bhd Joint Venture
Turnkey Contractor
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Supervision
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning
Project Facts
Length: 3.86km
TBM Diameter: 6.24m
Tunnel Diameter: 5.6m (internal)
Total Tunnel Length: 4.8km (up track & down track)
Underground Stations: 2 (4-storey & 2-storey)
Cut & Cover Tunnels: 4
Cross Passages: 3