One of the cornerstones of the Design and Technical (D&T) capabilities of Gamuda is our Geotechnical arm, which comprise of a team of dedicated geotechnical experts with a deep understanding of geotechnical engineering to ensure the projects we undertake are built on a solid foundation.

Every piece of land we embark on possesses inherently different soil signatures. It is our pre-requisite protocol to determine the right physical properties of the sub-surface strata, assess the risks posed by existing site conditions and have in place mitigation measures to minimise unexpected delays and cost overruns, prior to commencement of construction.

The D&T team works on the basic premise that the underlying soil formation has to be able to safely support the infrastructure we build. Steadfast on this principle, geotechnical professionals are engaged in site investigations and all aspects of the design process related to ground improvement works, foundations, slopes and earthworks, and their feedback is sought to weigh the constructability of the intended structure.

Our ability to identify and mitigate various construction risks based on sound geotechnical judgment forms the basis of our capacity to deliver infrastructure projects even under challenging ground conditions locally and abroad. It is this reason we are confident that each project we build will endure the test of time.