Design & Technical

Pioneering design creativity in infrastructure projects, Gamuda is renowned for its end-to-end construction and engineering prowess that constantly challenge the status quo. With a team of highly experienced engineers and experts in various fields, the Design and Technical (D&T) capability of Gamuda has propelled us to be among the best design-and-build infrastructure developers in the nation.

Building on our strength from numerous past projects, Gamuda’s D&T expertise is the main driving force behind the tender, design management, technical support and precise execution of all our mega projects.

Some of the specific functions of our D&T team include playing an active role in the conceptualisation of novel engineering projects, gauge the constructability and feasibility of proposed structures through value engineering and design optimisation and generate detailed project designs that meet the client’s requirements and objectives.

Led by top-notch industry experts with in-depth know-how in a wide scope of specialised areas covering civil infrastructure and highways, structural, geotechnical, traffic planning, water, sewer, power as well as cutting-edge computer aided design, Gamuda is relentless in our endeavour to push the envelope of innovation in delivering new, sustainable and eco-conscious infrastructure for our clients, locally and abroad.

As a world-class engineering and infrastructure firm powered by local expertise, we take pride in our ability to continuously transform Malaysia’s infrastructure landscape with ingenious, award-winning solutions.