Sitra Causeway Bridges
Bahrain (2006 - 2009)

The capital of Bahrain, Manama, is a pulsating commercial hub in the Middle East region, thriving from strong inflow of foreign investments and a buzzing business environment driven by attractive incentives.

The country’s flourishing economy places a need for a functionally durable yet efficient road network, particularly the crucial link comprising a dual two-lane concrete bridges and causeway between Manama on Bahrain Island and the Nabih Saleh and Sitra Islands.

Gamuda took on the job to replace the bridges and causeway, which were more than three decades old, supporting the current heavy traffic volume estimated at more than 6,000 vehicles an hour, without heavy goods.

Back by years of civil engineering know-how and extensive traffic management competence, we took on the major challenge to construct the two marine bridges alongside the original one, together with a whole range of utility conduits including gas pipelines, high-voltage cables, fibre optics, water mains, sewerage pipes and telecommunications services.

The marine bridges are designed for a lifespan of up to 120 years under tough marine conditions, made possible from stainless steel reinforcements at the most exposed areas of the bridges.

The new breathtaking Sitra Causeway Bridges were officially opened to traffic on 31st October 2010, featuring two landmark marine bridges measuring 200m and 400m respectively in length and a 2.4km embankment consisting of a dual carriageway with a four-lane road at each side.

Interchanges were also built at each end of the bridge-causeway-bridge structure. The Umm Al Hassam junction (northern end) was redesigned into a three-level structure comprising an underpass, a flyover and the existing road level.

The Sitra Causeway Bridges is one of Gamuda’s most prominent overseas projects in the Middle East.

Client Public Works Authority (Ashghal), Bahrain
Main Contractor Gamuda
Project Length 2.4 km
Northern Bridge 200 metre
Southern Bridge 400 meter
Carriageway Width Four lane dual carriageway
Interchanges Grade separated interchange at Umm al Hassam junction, Nabih Saleh and Sitra North
  • Reclamation works
  • Dredging works in 2 areas
  • Earthworks and embankment fill
  • Rock revetment