Kuantan Bridge
Malaysia (1991 - 1994)

The four-lane Kuantan Bridge effectively allows physical connectivity between Kuantan to Tanjung Lumpur which was previously separated by the Kuantan River while the design allows boats and vessels to continue traversing up and down Kuantan River.

The 424m Kuantan Bridge in Pahang is one of the most imposing infrastructures in the east coast of the Peninsular. The four-lane bridge has three main spans with the longest span measuring 86m. The bridge is designed to allow the passing of boats and vessels underneath as they traverse along the Kuantan River stretch.

Due to the high volume of marine traffic along the river, the bridge is structurally reinforced to withstand ship impacts and collisions.

Client Department of Works, Malaysia
Scope of Works

Four-lane bridge with an overall length of 423.9m consisting of six simply supported spans and three main spans with three cast-in-situ pre-stressed box girders.

The 40m side spans are supported by precast pre-stressed concrete beams with in-situ deck, approach ramps of 1,856m are designed as earth embankment founded on concrete pile, bakau pile and sand replacement in descending order of the embankment height.

Reinforced earthwall are proposed for approach embankments with height exceeding 5m.
At Padang Lalang approach, reinforced concrete retaining wall is also proposed. Approaches and bridgeworks consist of three sections:

  • Padang Lalang approach – 330m
  • Bridge over Kuantan River – 420m
  • Tanjung Lumpur approach – 153m