Pulau Bunting Bridge
Malaysia (2003 - 2004)

Located at the Yan District in Kedah, the 2.3km Pulau Bunting Bridge links mainland Kedah to Pulau Bunting crossing a short distance of the Straits of Malacca from the peninsula.

The stately 80m-arch cable-stayed bridge comprises a 100m causeway at Pulau Bunting connected to a 1.8km bridge and a 400m causeway in the mainland.

Due to the at times unpredictable weather of the Malacca Straits, we ensured the bridge’s resilience right from the planning and design stage, particularly in the use of heavy-duty materials. High strength silica fume concrete was incorporated into the structure, and 800mm-diameter high strength jointless spun piles of 46m were utilised for the off-shore piling.

The resultant infrastructure is both visually arresting and highly durable.

Client Department of Works, Malaysia
Scope of Works

Design, construction and completion works for Pulau Bunting crossing consists of:

  • 2.3 km long x 13.0m wide sea crossing comprising a 1.8km bridge, a 0.1 km causeway connecting Pulau Bunting and a 0.4km long causeway connecting mainland in Kedah, Malaysia
  • Arch cable-stayed bridge with main suspended span of 80m in length and 60 units of approach spans of precast concrete box beam with a span of 30m in length
  • Causeway has fill embankment on piled foundations together with rock armouring
  • Jointless 46m in length 800mm diameter high strength spun piles are used extensively in the off-shore piling
  • High strength silica fume concrete was used in the structures to increase its durability under extreme weather environment